Working for Us

Pinnacles Civil provide a range of professional civil engineering services from advice only through to turn-key design and build solutions. Whether your civil engineering project is in the Design, Build or Asset Management phase, our team has the capability to contribute.


Our culture is best described as being like a successful heartland sports club. Our culture is an important part of the Pinnacles Civil community, it is family orientated and full of salt-of-the-earth people who at times can be a little rough around the edges but are genuine, honest, hard working and have each other’s backs.

We are striving together to achieve a common goal and develop our people. We are a sports club that others want to be a part of because of our high performance and sense of family. We are also upfront and strong enough to pull someone back into line when they are upsetting others through behaviours that don’t align with the rest of the group.

We have a “team first” approach to everything that we do. No one acts as though they are better or above anyone else or any job that has to be done... A “team first” approach where everyone puts what’s good for the team ahead of themselves.

Are you ready to join a down-to-earth civil engineering company that's as solid as the Pinnacles Peak itself...



Good people engineering solutions growing heartland communities

Our vision statement shows the intent of Pinnacles Civil.

To grow good people and communities through the provision of engineering solutions (as opposed to services) in Heartland New Zealand.

We know that without definitions the words above can be interpreted in lots of different ways, so to give you some clarity...


  • Get it done, quality, relationships, pragmatic, do what you say you will do, trustworthy, shake hands, get it sorted.

  • Known for good outcomes. Genuine. Family oriented. Care about what we do. Have honest conversations both internally and externally.


  • We want to create practical outcomes for civil engineering projects. Balancing cost vs risk in our solutions.

  • If we identify problems, we offer solutions. We don’t just leave our clients or our team mates hanging.

  • We use the latest technology thoughtfully and keep up to date with the latest research.


  • Growth of our people, building a business, adding offices around the country, creating career opportunities.

  • Our people are our business and we want them to develop as we grow Pinnacles Civil. We want our people today to be our leaders of the future.

  • We enjoy learning and are not afraid of taking on new challenges. We also enjoy passing on our knowledge to those around us.


  • Heartland NZ - our market, the way we operate, the people we are and want to work with.

  • Pride in what we do, where we work and where we play.

  • Pride in where we’re from and the areas of the country we represent.

  • Everybody mucks in, no one is above doing a job if a job needs to be done.


  • We are providing community infrastructure, we are also putting back into the community, creating jobs and developing people.

  • Ensuring the success of rural communities. Sponsorship of sports teams. Treating people like family. Meaningful careers.


Our values describe the way we do things around here. They are the essential behaviours that we all work to uphold and encourage you to call out if you feel they are missing.


We don’t over engineer, we find solutions to get the job done, sometimes this is tried and tested, sometimes this is new and novel. Either way, we focus on the long-term relationship with our customer and get things done.


We muck in and take a family and a heartland approach to work. We have genuine, honest conversations. We work hard and enjoy the social side of life as well. We are real and we care about each other and the success of our community through our people.


We give each other instant trust and the opportunity to take ownership and make decisions. There is a safety net but also the opportunity to learn and give things a go.

If you fit the Pinnacles Civil mould and would like to join the team please don't hesitate in sending your CV to and one of our team will be in contact