About Us

Named after the well known Pinnacles Peak in the Coromandel Ranges, Pinnacles Civil have deep roots in the Hauraki / Coromandel region.

As Civil Engineers we deal with the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, earthworks & retaining structures. Pinnacles Civil provide a range of services, from advice through to 'turn key' design and build solutions. No matter the stage of your civil engineering project, from Design, Build or Asset Management, we have the expertise to contribute.

We have an established network of project partners. The ability to call on a network of project partners adds depth to the services we are able to provide. Our project partners are primarily smaller companies who like Pinnacles Civil have passionate owner / operators who are recognised expert providers in their field.

At Pinnacles Civil we place emphasis on quality solutions that you can have faith will be delivered on-time, are practical and fit within your individual budget. We are ISO:9001 Quality Management Systems accredited and our team comprises Engineering New Zealand Official Members.

Pinnacles Civil values underpin the way in which the company operates. Values to Pinnacles Civil are not about corporate buzzwords but about behaviours and how these behaviours contribute to providing value for money solutions for a range of clients.


Our values describe the way we do things around here. They are the essential behaviours that we all work to uphold and encourage you to call out if you feel they are missing.

We don’t over engineer, we find solutions to get the job done, sometimes this is tried and tested, sometimes this is new and novel. Either way, we focus on the long-term relationship with our customer and get things done

We muck in and take a family and a heartland approach to work. We have genuine, honest conversations. We work hard and enjoy the social side of life as well. We are real and we care about each other and the success of our community through our people.

We give each other instant trust and the opportunity to take ownership and make decisions. There is a safety net but also the opportunity to learn and give things a go.

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